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Merchant Services for Medical Professionals

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We understand the demands of operating a medical practice. Allow us to provide your practice with a competitive and efficient merchant services program to accept credit card payments from your patients and clients.

25% to 40% of medical practices lose money lost due to credit card billing downgrade fees or employee embezzlement from unauthorized transactions. Is your practice losing its hard earned money due to unknown circumstances? With ongoing account monitoring and proper settings placed on your point of sale device, we are your trusted bankcard advisor to help minimize these events.

Merchant Services by EPSG

At your medical practice, your main goal is most likely to meet the healthcare needs of your patients and to provide peace of mind to the community you serve. While your profession may be service oriented, you’re still running a business. So, issues like profitability and your bottom line are surely still at the top of your mind.

What if we told you that we could offer you a worry-free solution for processing your credit card payments and maintaining your point of sale devices? EPSG Greater Washington can help protect you from money lost due to credit card billing downgrade fees and improper (or sometimes even unauthorized) transactions.

To learn more about our merchant services for medical professionals in Washington, DC, Northern VA, and the surrounding area, call EPSG now at 703-996-9538.

Client Case Study

Dr. Jennifer Miller, owner of Health Expressions, Maryland Laser Fat Loss and a Chiropractic practice, tried to work with her previous processor to open two additional merchant accounts in order to properly account sales for her three, separate businesses.

When the last processor was unable to open additional accounts after waiting several months, she reached out to EPSG and successfully had all three accounts up and running with EPSG in just few business days.

Dr. Miller has been very happy and has peace of mind knowing that she can focus on doing what she does best and grow her three businesses.

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How our Merchant Services Can Benefit your Medical Practice

How Our Merchant Services Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

Did you know that 25 to 40 percent of medical practices report that they lose money because of credit card billing downgrade fees and unauthorized transactions? If you find that the numbers at your medical practice don’t always add up, you may be in need of a merchant services partner. Our merchant services for medical professionals can offer solutions for everyday tasks like credit card processing and much more.

The experts at EVO Platinum Services Group can help you with:

  • Secure Credit Card Processing – We offer Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant solutions at competitive prices. A PCI compliant system ensures that you are providing a secure payment environment for your patients, which is important for protecting their information and for protecting you from liability.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Solutions – Our cloud-based POS platform gives medical professionals the flexibility to set up the system exactly as you need. We’ll make sure your device is installed with the proper settings, and we’ll give you access to our ongoing account monitoring to help you keep track of your office’s transactions.
  • Payroll Services – Whether you have three employees or 30, our payroll services can help you organize your employees’ paychecks, 401k plans, workers’ compensation insurance, tax information, and more.
  • Small Business Loans – Do you desperately need to upgrade expensive medical equipment in your office, but don’t necessarily have the funds to do so? See if a small business loan from EVO Platinum Services Group is the right fit for you.

Get the Best Value with EVO Platinum Services Group

At EVO Platinum Services Group, we don’t treat our clients like they’re just another account. Instead, we believe in building partnerships to ensure that we are always meeting the demands of your business. Our company values are the foundation for everything we do. Those values include:

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Inspiration

We promise to create a relationship built on trust and to provide lasting solutions you can count on. Contact EVO Platinum Services Group online about our merchant services for medical professionals, or call 703-996-9538 now.

Have a question or two for us?

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.

If you don’t see an answer to your question/s, email or call us, and we’ll be glad to talk with you.

What are the types of medical practices you work with?

We have several types of medical merchant clients – dental, plastic surgery, chiropractic, laser treatments, internal medicine, alternative/eastern medicine. However, we are able to work with any other types of medical professionals that already listed.

How has your office established a presence in DC Metro area’s medical practice community?

Our first chiropractor client came on board in 2005 and got our first dental practice client in 2007. They both began to refer their friends and colleagues and we have been able to grow our medical clientele network steadily over the years.

What does it mean for a medical office to be “downgraded” in their processing fees when not properly following cardholder verification procedure on keyed-in transactions? Does this mean that I pay a higher rate when processing such transactions?

Credit card payments that are processed as a keyed-in transaction require that merchant verifies proper cardholder security information, such as billing zip code and cardholder’s CVV code on back of their card. Some of these transactions will result in a “downgraded” or higher rate if verification criteria is not properly met.

I am considering industry specific billing and payment software (such as Eaglesoft for dental practices) for my medical practice. Are you able to work with such software?

Some of those software companies allow a merchant to choose his/her own merchant processor. However, many of them will often ask a merchant to use a proprietary processor that is tied to a specific billing software. We strongly encourage a medical practice owner to sit down with his/her tax accountant to weigh pros and cons of exploring this type of proprietary processor option.

Will I receive the lowest or cheapest rates with you?

For a busy medical practice, we are confident that EVO Greater Washington is a great partner to have on your side! While we offer a competitively priced merchant services program, we may not be a processor offering the least expensive or cheapest rates.