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As experts in Level II / III merchant services (B2B & B2G credit card processing), EPSG is your trusted provider!

Business-to-Business (B2B) service providers or wholesalers have higher level of concerns about their merchant services account and how that affects their day-to-day operation. For a business that only accepts checks and cash as methods of payment, they often worry about their outstanding accounts receivables and shortening those cycles. For businesses that process credit cards, a sudden growth of acquisition of a large corporate client could very well result in a large deposit being held for review having an immediate impact their cash flow. Do these scenarios sound familiar?

We are your Business to Business experts and can help you improve:


  • Work Flow: Help you increase your Accounts Receivables cycle
  • Technology Enhancements: Our technology integrates with your current system to ensure you are providing the enhanced data required by Visa & MasterCard
  • Cost Savings: Our program greatly reduces traditional high costs 2.50% (or more) of accepting commercial cards
  • Business: How to bring in more potential business

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